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The 2014 Winter Olympics took place between 07 and 23 February 2014. Below are featured images related to this year's games, hosted in the city of Sochi in Russia.

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27 February 2014

ESA's PROBA-V satellite acquired this view of the area on 07 February 2014. While the Olympic Park itself is not visible, it is located toward the centre of the image, along the coast of the Black Sea. The snow on the nearby Caucasus Mountains makes for a sharp contrast against the green land. A band of cloud can be seen stretching across much of the Black Sea.

Russia was the overall victor of this year's games after achieving a total of 33 medals, 13 of which were gold. They were followed closely by Norway, Canada, the United States of America and the Netherlands.

Credit: European Space Agency (ESA) / Flemish institute for technological research (VITO)


13 February 2014

NASA also acquired a wider view of the area around Sochi from the Aqua satellite on 03 February 2014. Sochi is located near the centre of this image, on the coast of the Black Sea; of which the eastern part is visible in this image. The Caucasus Mountain range can also be seen across the image to the western coast of the Caspian Sea. This image was acquired a few days before the games began and shows the snow that fell across the region.

There are 98 events at this year's games, and 88 participating nations.

Credit: NASA Earth Observatory


11 February 2014

NASA's Terra satellite acquired a view of Sochi from a different perspective in this image from 04 January 2014. The Olympic Park is visible near the coast at the bottom of the image, and the nearby mountains stretch off into the distance.

This year's Winter Olympics are the 22nd to be held.

A second Terra image shows the nearby ski resort, which is hosting the alpine events.

Credit: NASA/GSFC/METI/ERSDAC/JAROS, & U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team


10 February 2014

This WorldView-2 image, acquired the day before the games began, presents another view of the Olympic Park, as seen on 06 February 2014. The annotated image shows the relevant locations and stadiums in the area.

This year's Winter Olympics have been estimated as the most expensive in history, surpassing $51 billion.

Also available is another WorldView-2 image of the Sochi ski resort.

Credit: European Space Imaging/DigitalGlobe


07 February 2014

This view of the Sochi Winter Olympics site was acquired by EUMETSAT's MetOp-B satellites on 02 February 2014. Sochi located on the eastern end of the Caucasus Mountain range, which dominates the centre of the image.

There were concerns, due to Sochi's subtropical climate, that there would not be enough snow in time for the Olympic games, and so EUMETSAT's satellites acquired different views of the location to analyse the snow fall. Fortunately heavy snow fell in the last few weeks prior to the start of the Olympics.

Credit: EUMETSAT 2014


06 February 2014

Another view from the Pleiades satellite, acquired 19 December 2013, shows the Sochi Ski Resort in nearby Kasnaya Polyana. This location in the Caucasus Mountains is hosting the ski, snowboard and sleigh events at this year's games.

Credit: CNES 2013 - Distribution: Astrium Services / Spot Image S.A. France, all rights reserved


17 January 2014

This Pleiades image shows the Olympic Park in Sochi on 19 December 2013, in the final months of construction. The different venues are visible in the centre of the image.

Credit: CNES 2013 - Distribution: Astrium Services / Spot Image S.A. France, all rights reserved

Sochi was chosen as the site of the Winter Olympics in 2007 and construction of the site began in 2010. Located on the coast of the Black Sea, Sochi is situated in south-east Russia.