Minimize Snow cover at 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics site

This MetOp-B image, acquired by the AVHRR instrument on 02 February 2014, shows snow cover over the 2014 Winter Olympics site in Sochi, Russia.

Because Sochi is situated along the shores of the Black Sea and next to the Caucasus Mountains, it has more of a subtropical climate than the rest of Russia. This led to fears that there would not be snow in time for the Olympics, so 16,000,000 cubic feet of fake snow has been stored at the site.

However, in the last weeks plenty of snow has fallen on the Caucasus Mountains and the fear was that there could be too much snow and poor visibility. Luckily, on 1 February the weather cleared and a high pressure system brought blue skies to Sochi. Following days of heavy snowfall Olympic organisers described conditions at Sochi as 'optimal' for skiing.

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Credit: EUMETSAT 2014