Minimize Novgorod Region, Russia

This SPOT-5 image, acquired 05 August 2013, shows the Novgorod Region of Russia.

In the upper portion of the image Ilmen Lake can be seen, which the Lovat River flows into, forming together with the Pola River a delta of about 400 km squared.

In the days of Kievan Russia two main trading routes passed on Lovat River - Volga Trade Route and the famous "from the Varangians to the Greeks" route which connected Scandinavia countries with Byzantium. The river played an important role in the communication between Kiev and Novgorod.

In the bottom left corner - Staraya Russa, a town of regional status and the third most-populated in the Novgorod Region. The first historical reference of Staraya Russa dates to 1167.

Parfino workers settlement is visible in the central part of the image, situated on the right bank of Lovat River 30 km from its influx into Ilmen Lake.

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Credit: CNES 2013, Astrium Services, ScanEx RDC