Minimize Dnestr, Hotin and Chernovtsy - Ukraine

The meandering Dnestr River with Zbruch, Zvanchik, Smotrich, Muksha, Bagovichka and Ternava feeders can be seen in this SPOT-4 image, acquired 29 July 2012, in the Chernovtsy region of Ukraine.

To the south of Dnestr River there is Hotinsky Region with the center in the town of Hotin. The main remarkable sight of the town is Hotinskaya fortress of X-XVIII centuries. The annual Festival of Medieval Historic Reconstruction "Battle of Nations" takes place here starting in 2010.

To the north of Dnestr River there is Kamenets-Podolsky Region with the namesake town as the administrative center and one of the most ancient towns in Ukraine. It was built on the rocky peninsula, almost fully surrounded by the Smotrich River making the loop and forming "an island on the dry land". The architectural layout of the historic town center has remained almost intact.

The city of Chernovtsy can be seen in the lower left corner - one of the cultural centers in west Ukraine and the largest city in Chernovtsy Region with the population of 250 thousand people.

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Credit: Spot Image, ScanEx RDC, 2012

SPOT-4, Chernovtsy region, Ukraine