Minimize Darvin nature park

This SPOT-5 image, acquired 01 July 2013, shows Darvin nature park, in Cherepovets, Russia.

Part of the Rybinsk water reservoir, created in 1941 due to the commissioning of the Rybinsk hydraulic power plant, can be seen in the image. In 1945 on the peninsula, located on the north-west of the water reservoir, the Darvin nature park was created.

Considerable portions of the nature park land is covered with pine trees, rich with cranberry, fen-berry and blueberry. Representatives of the fauna, typical for the Vologda Region, live in the nature park: martens, weasels, squirrels, otters, wolves, badgers, foxes, moose, rabbits, bears, wild boars. The park is also the habitat for nesting of such birds as owls, grouse, black grouse, kites, hawks, falcons, white-tailed eagles and osprey.

The unique specifics of the Rybinsk water reservoir water area are peat islands - surfacing from the bottom and drifting peat layers, on which grass and trees may start to grow with time.

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Credit: CNES 2013, Astrium Services, ScanEx RDC