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Dr. Peter Rayner
School of Earth Sciences,
University of Melbourne
3010, Vic,

Phone: +61 (0)3 8344 9708

Peter Rayner studied theoretical physics at the University of Melbourne. He obtained his doctorate from the same university in 1991 for his studies on glacial-interglacial cycles. Peter has worked at the CSIRO in Australia and NCAR and Princeton University in the U.S.

In 2004 he moved to the Laboratory for the Science of Climate and Environment in France. In 2002, Peter was awarded the Priestley Medal of the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographical Society, the major research award in this field within Australia. In 2004 he was noted by Essential Science Indicators as among the top percentile of cited authors in the Earth Sciences. He has authored or co-authored over 70 papers in leading journals and has contributed to the last 3 IPCC reports.