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Dr Nicola Pounder


Nicola Pounder is a consultant at Assimila Ltd., a consultancy company specialising in environmental monitoring, modelling and prediction whose aim is to bridge the gap between the academic, business and government worlds to help the uptake of new technology in environmental management. Nicola has 12 years' research experience at the Universities of Oxford and Reading and over 7 years' experience working in Earth Observation. Nicola has been involved in the development of retrieval algorithms for Earth observation of both the land and atmosphere in particular exploiting satellite instrument synergies through variational data assimilation techniques.

At Reading University she worked on the remote sensing of clouds as part of Level 2 synergy product development for the ESA-JAXA EarthCARE satellite. In her current role she collaborates with University College London on the Earth-Observation Land Data Assimilation System (EO-LDAS) – a tool for combining observations from multiple satellites (such as the Sentinels, Landsat, Modis and others) to produce consistent land surface products – as part of the ESA OPTIRAD and SEOM-SY-4Sci-Synergy projects and also Newton-Agritech projects for crop growth monitoring in China.