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Prof Maria Antonia Brovelli
Politecnico di Milano


Maria has a degree with honors in Physics and a PhD in Geodesy. Since 1994 she has been working at Politecnico di Milano. From 2001 to 2011 she was the Head of the Geomatics Laboratory. From 2006 to 2011 she also lectured GIS at the ETH – Zurich. She is Professor of GIS, Digital Mapping and Geospatial Web, Geo Big Data and Citizen‐Generated Geographic Information. Since 2011 she is Vice Rector for the Como Campus.

Co-chair of ISPRS WG IV/5 "Web and Cloud Based Geospatial Services and Applications"; Charter Member of OSGeo; Member of the Advisory Board of ICA-OSGeo Labs Network (GeoForAll) and the Italian SIFET, Co-organizer of the NASA WW Europe Challenge; Conference chair of FOSS4G Europe 2015. She received the OSGeo Sol Katz Award 2015.