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Dr Jose Gómez-Dans
University College London


Dr Jose Gómez-Dans is a researcher at the National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO), based at the Department of Geography at University College London. He has a MEng in Electronic Engineering and his PhD dealt with the use of polarimetry and interferometry techniques in SAR data to infer vegetation properties. His main research interests are the use of advanced data assimilation (DA) techniques for land surface parameter inference, radiative transfer modelling and combining these two interests in the creation of methods that allow the use of Earth Observation (EO) data with vegetation or crop models.

Dr Gómez-Dans has also worked in using optical and microwave altimeter data to produce a widely used continental digital elevation model (DEMs) of Antarctica, and also worked in using EO data to monitor croplands, in particular in using data assimilation techniques for regional crop monitoring in an operational scenario. His current work deals with advanced methods to identify and attribute vegetation disturbance (wildfire in particular) from heterogeneous EO data, and developing sophisticated methods for a consistent and coherent interpretation of EO data in the optical, microwave and thermal domains, with the ultimate goal to produce a practical land monitoring capability that uses observations from a wide range of sensors.