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Andrea Minchella
Full address: RSAC c/o ESA-ESRIN
Exploiting and Services Division
EO Science, Applications and Future Technologies Department

Via Galileo Galilei snc, Frascati, Italy
Tel: (+39) 0694180582
Fax: (+39) 0694180552


Andrea received both his MSc degree in Electronic Engineering and a PhD in Geo-Information - Earth Observation Remote Sensing from the University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Italy. For two years during his doctoral studies, he was a research consultant and visiting scientist at ESA-ESRIN. His research was focused on the processing and exploitation of SAR data for the retrieval of bio-physical parameters, and InSAR-DInSAR techniques. He has also experience in optical-Xs medium and hi-re data processing, Geographical Information Systems and 3D GIS Virtual Reality. Since December 2006 he has been working for the Remote Sensing Applications Consultants Ltd. ( at the European Space Agency-ESRIN, providing technical and scientific support to the development of ESA Open Source SAR toolboxes (NEST and PolSARpro), SAR R&D projects and the organization of ESA EO Advanced Training Courses and International Workshops.

Recent projects:

  • NEST (Next ESA SAR Toolbox)
  • PolSARAp: Exploitation of fully polarimetric SAR data for applications demonstrations

Selected Publications

A. Minchella, F. Del Frate, F. Manes, F. Capogna, S. Anselmi
"Use of multitemporal SAR DATA for the monitoring of the reforestation process of burned areas", Journal Remote Sensing of Environment (2009), Volume: 113, Issue: 3, Publisher: Elsevier Inc., Pages: 588-597

S. Casadio, O. Arino, A. Minchella
"Use of ATSR and SAR measurements for the monitoring and characterisation of night-time gas flaring from off-shore platforms: the North Sea test case", Journal Remote Sensing of Environment 123 (2012) 175-186 pages