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What participants say ...

I enjoyed attending this summer school very much! For me it was a great experience that I would not like to miss. Thanks again for selecting me!  Besides hearing interesting talks about state-of-the-art international research I especially enjoyed the amazing social atmosphere within the group of participants and also to the lecturers and organizing staff. It was great getting to know so many people from extremely diverse fields and I got some really good new friends now after this summer school with whom I will definitely stay in contact. Referring to that I would also like to highlight the daily poster session that I liked a lot! It was different to poster sessions I experienced at various conferences, with a lot of interesting and inspiring discussions both with people from the same field and people from somehow outside. There was no sign of competition but real interest and everyone was also keen to take suggestions from the others.  I think that the summer school structure with lectures in the morning and practicals in the afternoon is perfect.  Thanks for organizing this special event! I know that you put a lot of effort in it to make it possible!!

Christoph Aubrecht - Austrian Research Centers, Austria

ESA summer school allowed me to share with other scientists who are specialised in a variety of Earth Science disciplines. Lectures were really interesting and gave a large vision on the new techniques of analyses of the Earth system.

Oumbe Armel - Center for Energy and Processes, France

This summer school was an amazing experience because of the cutting-edge scientific subjects, the high quality of the lectures and over all the high diversity of student background and research domains. Thanks ESA!

Artur Gil - University of Azores, Azores

I would like to congratulate you all for a successful summer school! The summer school has been the most effective of any programme I've ever come across. I wish to tell you that material (posters and lectures) kindly provided by ESA on the website after each summer school have been invaluable to people around the world, not only in Europe. I have been one of the beneficiaries!

Ibrahim Muhammed - Univeristy of Southampton, UK

Thank you for a well organized and good course! A lot of effort was clearly put into arranging this. The lectures were good with interesting topics. I hope I'll have more opportunities to work with ESA in the future.

Juho Vehviläinen - Finnish Environment Institute, Finland

I am really glad about having attended the ESA's EO Summer School in Frascati. Not only due to the possibility to hear lectures from highest-level researchers in the field of earth observation, but also regarding the opportunity to discuss topics of actual scientific work with them, during the official programme as well as during the evenings. Another point to be highlighted here is the great chance of getting in contact with so many other young researchers from all over Europe and even beyond.

Lars Klüser - German Aerospace Center, Germany

The ESA Envisat Summer School was an extraordinary experience. The morning lectures provided a good understanding of many diverse topics while the afternoon practicals gave us hands-on experience. We also got many occasions to interact with participants and lecturers over coffee breaks and diners. The Villa Tuscolana was an ideal place for participants to stay and socialize. I left the summer school with friends and contact all over Europe. I would highly recommend this summer school to learn about Remote Sensing and Data Assimilation.

Aurélie Moulin - Florida Institute of Technology, USA

ESA's summer school was a great 2 week-period to improve our knowledge on the Earth's components and their interactions with the electromagnetic waves, through lectures and practicals. Something like 74 students from 27 countries, all interested in different fields (vegetation, water cycle and ocean, cryosphere, atmosphere...). Great! Thanks for this experience.

Ludovic Brucker – LGGE, France

The ESA summer school was truly a unique experience. Lectures from leading scientists in a wide range of topics both related and not so related to my research were extremely interesting and provided me with many great ideas to enhance my current research. I think the school has helped me both professionally and personally by providing a forum for leading scientists and young researchers from diverse backgrounds to learn and interact together in a comfortable and informal environment.

Brian Barrett - University of College Cork, Ireland


The 4th EO summer school was a great opportunity to familiarise with some topics of Earth Observation that I would never be working with. It helped me to expand my knowledge on oceanography, ice, land, forest and the practical use of SAR technology. The talks given by good scientists were very interesting and useful to broaden my knowledge on EO disciplines.


The explanation of practical use and applications of the theory explained, helped to better understand some remote sensing techniques. Furthermore, the school has been a good opportunity to create nice friendships and networking with young scientists working on different fields, but all linked by observing the Earth. The organization of the all summer school was very good.

Simone Placidi - TU Delft, Netherlands

The 4th ESA Summer School has been a great experience for me. All lectures and computing practicals have been very interesting and high-level. They have been very helpful for my research. Moreover it was very nice to meet students from countries all over the world...a very exciting experience! I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Summer School Organising team for their kindness and helpfulness.

Annalisa Di Cicco – Enea, Italy

This summer school is a very valuable event for scientists as a set of very well selected applications of Earth remote sensing is presented by leading specialists. The overall tasks, the theory as well as the techniques become linked in a unique way.

Daniel Koenig - GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, Germany

I considered this summer school an extremely well organized and interesting event. The environment around the entire event at ESRIN was excellent and I felt that most of us were learning a lot more about the state of the art on environmental modelling and analysis using EO satellite data. Was interesting to learn how new methodological approaches are being integrated to a better results assessment and how new opportunities are arising for young researchers and technicians. Thank you for letting me attend this summer school.

Sandra Mónica Vale Efigénio - Geógrafa, Portugal

I felt that this was a very well-organised, enjoyable and useful summer school for students of any field within 'Earth Observation'. The wide range of subjects discussed in  lectures and varied practical sessions meant that I learned a lot both about my field and others. I thought it was an invaluable opportunity to meet experts and also other young scientists who may be colleagues or collaborators in the future.
Thank you very much, and thank you again to all those who organised the summer school.

Rosemary Willatt - University College London, UK