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The wide range of topics covered by the summer school was an excellent way of learning more on my oceanographic view on earth observation as well as on many fields beyond that. It gave me plenty of new ideas to work on. Despite the dense program, all lecturers managed to fascinate me with instructive and entertaining presentations right to the end. The excellent dinner evenings in the splendid palace hotel proved to be a very enjoyable way of meeting researchers and fellow students from all over Europe and the world, as well as learning about their research. I would recommend every student to apply to Envschool and to compete for admission.

Gerben de Boer - Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

The ENVISAT summer school was a great venue for learning about data assimilation and various aspects of the study of the climate system, with high-quality lectures and lots of opportunities for conversations and discussions. I enjoyed the exchange with other young scientists as well as with the established researchers. I certainly learned a lot, both about topics directly relevant to my research and about new topics I hadn't really known anything about before. It was a good way to be exposed to other slices of the big picture than what I usually study. I would definitely recommend this summer school (and have already) to graduate students and postdocs who are interested in the intersection of climate observations and modeling.

Helga Schaffrin Huntley - University of Washington, USA

Situated in the beautiful setting of Frascati and surroundings, the 3rd Envisat summer school turned out to be a great succes. Driven by the enthusiasm of all lecturers, we could extend our knowledge in different scientific fields. This approach makes sure that students with a very different research background can find their personal interest. Next to that, practical skills were tested and developed during the afternoon session practicals. A real recommendation to all of you young reseachers out there. If possible, try to join this ESA Envschool, not only for the scientific part, but as well for all social and cultural contact and networking!!

Matthias Demuzere, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

I am very pleased that I was able to attend the school. The talks were very well presented, and I have come away with many ideas of what I can be doing with my research. The school was very well organised. I have made some useful contacts and I have met many great people here. Frascati is a lovely setting for the course, the food was very good and I had a great time here.

Alan Hewitt, University of Leicester, UK

This summer school was definitely a great and unique experience for me. The lectures given by scientists leading in their field were very interesting and of high quality, all the students dedicated and also pretty companionable. I really enjoyed discussing scientific and other issues over a glass of Italian wine in the evening and making some new friends. And all of that in the beautiful area of Frascati at the centre of European Earth Observation. However, it was not just holiday at all because the timetable was very dense. Last but not least I want to point out that the organisers were very nice and helpful during the whole stay.

Georg Kaiser, University of Natural Resources & Applied Life Sciences, Austria

I have received useful lectures in data assimilation, from theory to practical and to presenting own group project. For me, in many aspects, this summer school was really an international school. All people were hosted in a very very fresh area, the Villa Tuscolana. I also would like to thank to enthusiastic helps of Envschool organizing team, and International Relations of ESA.

Du Duc Tien, Research and Application Division (Phong Ve Tinh), Vietnam

It has been an enormous pleasure to participate in this summerschool. Time flew thanks to the very nice equilibrium between lectures, praktikum and socialising. I would like to thank everyone involved in organising this marvelous summerschool.

Suzanne Jongen, ARPA Emilia Romagna, Italy

The 3rd Envisat Summer School was quite memorable and I enjoyed the summer school very much. I not only benefited from the lectures and exercises, which are very useful for my research, but also made friends with different people from different countries.

Li Xiaotao, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower, China

The envisat summer school was a great experience. Good lectures, useful practicals and nice students from all over the world. The days at ESRIN were long, but rewarding. Afterwards, Hotel Villa Tuscolana was an excellent place to relax, have a good dinner and socialize. We also got some time to explore Rome and the charming city of Frascati. I will recommend this summer school to future students.

Geir Moholdt, University of Oslo, Norway