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Djibouti City

29 April 2019 - This weeks Earth Watching comparison uses Sentinel-2 and Landsat-5 imagery, dated 20 years apart, to show the development of Djibouti City.

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Easter Island

17 April 2019 - Easter Island is featured in this Copernicus Sentinel-2 image comparison. The island is depicted in natural and false colour imagery in order to demonstrate the multispectral capabilities of the Sentinel-2 mission.

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Mount Etna

30 August 2018 - This week's Earth Watching comparison uses Landsat-8 images in true and false colour to show new lava flows coming from Mount Etna, Italy.

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Fires in Kineta, Greece

27 July 2018 - This weeks Earth Watching comparison uses Sentinel-2 images in true and false colour to show the intense wildfires in Kineta, Greece.

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The Earth Watching project started at the end of 1993 during an emergency in Germany caused by serious floods that lasted for several days in the Cologne - Bonn area.

We realised that during natural disasters, users and governmental authorities need data over the affected areas in very short timeframes, shorter than normal data delivery times, in order to co-ordinate rescue activities.

The Earth Watching project aim is not only to show natural disasters, but also to promote various satellite remote sensing applications through images and articles. Some examples are shown in the change detection part of this website.

Minimize 25 Years of Landsat

In honour of the twenty year anniversary in 2004, our Landsat Showcase was created to present some of these images and show how some of the world's cities have changed and developed through the duration of the mission.

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