Minimize Tuscan Archipelago

Landsat 8 OLI

This image, acquired in the month of January 2014 by the Landsat 8 satellite, shows the Tuscan Archipelago off the west coast of Italy. Elba island can be seen in the bottom-left corner of the image.

This image aims to promote the opportunity to download Landsat data through the ESA portals, where images captured every day are made available in near real time to the users and the scientific community.

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Technical Information of original image
Product: Geo Tiff format
Satellite/Sensor: Landsat 8 OLI
Resolution: 30 metres
Coverage: 180 x 180 KM
Acquisition date: 26 January 2014
Band combination used to create this image: 4, 3, 2 (R-G-B)
Map of area

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