\ SCIAMACHY Daily Report --- ---

1. SCIAMACHY Daily Report for level 1 products

  1.1. General Info
  1.2 Product Quality Indicators
  1.3 ADF monitoring
  1.4 DMOP execution monitoring

1.1 General Info

This report contains a daily analysis on parameters extracted from SCIAMACHY level 1 data (The SCI_NL__1P product).

1.1.1 Report summary

The table below shows general characteristics of the data that are included into this report.
Item Value
Report version
1.5 (28-07-2008)
Time of report generation
07APR2012 03:07:21
Data source version
Processing scope for products
25MAR2012 00:00:00 to 26MAR2012 00:00:00
Start time of first product within scope
24MAR2012 22:58:44
Stop time of last product within scope
26MAR2012 00:02:00
Total number of level 1 products
Number of level 1 products with errors

1.1.2 Summary per product

The following table shows a summary for each product used in this report.

Products are linked to a corresponding server directory for view/download. Note: Link access may be restricted by security settings of your internet browser or firewall.

# Product name Start time Stop time ProdErr #nadir #limb #occ #mon #noproc #cmpl_drk #incmpl_drk Decont
24MAR2012 22:58:44
25MAR2012 00:38:53