Welcome to the RapidEye Information Area

ESA is offering for Research and Application development:

  • RapidEye ESA archive (online access, fast registration)
  • RapidEye full archive & Tasking (on demand, project proposal)

The RapidEye Earth Imaging System provides data at 6.5 m spatial resolution (multispectral at L1B) or resampled 5m spatial resolution (multispectral L3A orthorectified). The full data archive list can be retrieved using the EyeFind catalogue.More details concerning the ordering procedure can be found in the catalogue.

Quota for full archive and tasking are assigned as credits usable for either processing level,archived or tasking, and it is based on unique IDs of RapidEye's Level 3A Tile Grid. Please refer to the Terms of applicability for details on availability and restrictions to the use of the RapidEye data and on the credit assignment.

Should you be PI of an accepted ESA project, you can justify and quantify a request for additional RapidEye data by submitting a progress report here.

Additional information:

ESA also offers some RapidEye featured datasets .
Visit the ESA TPM area of this Website to get information about all the Third Party Missions data available and their conditions of use.

For further enquiries contact the ESA EOHelp.