Welcome to the submission area for the "Iris for ESA&CSA" Call
The European Space Agency (ESA) jointly with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) are pleased to announce the "Iris for ESA & CSA" Call for the scientific exploitation of
GHGSAT-C1 ("Iris") Level-2 data. Within this Call , 5% of the capacity of the commercial GHGSat-C1 (Iris) satellite measurements will be made available to the scientific community in order to:
  • validate GHGSat data and its potential as a Third Party Mission of ESA;
  • develop new science and applications using GHGSat data;
  • encourage researchers to evaluate the complementarity of ESA, CSA and GHGSat missions;
  • prepare for future greenhouse gases missions (e.g. CO2M, AIM-North);
  • raise awareness of the potential of commercial providers for climate variable measurements within the government and scientific community.

The Canadian company GHGSat Inc. launched its first satellite (GHGSat-D, or "Claire") in June 2016. The next two satellites (GHGSat-C1, or "Iris" and GHGSat-C2, or "Hugo") are scheduled for launch in 2020. GHGSat Inc. offers commercially satellite imagery and data for measuring greenhouse gas and air quality gas emissions from targeted industrial facilities anywhere in the world.

Should you need more information please contact the Iris Call team