Welcome to the Planet Information area
In this call ESA offers an opportunity for scientists and researchers to access Planet data (Planetscope and SkySat) products to support the assessment of the potential of such data as an ESA Third Party Mission. In particular, the following contributions are expected:
  • Assessment of data quality;
  • Development of new science, applications and products;
  • Evaluation of the complementary with other ESA and ESA TPMs;
  • Prepare for future missions;

The submission deadline was extended to the end of August 2020.

*A condition to be accepted in order to participate in this TPM Call and to have access to the data is to undertake to submit to ESA a full report on the TPM evaluation (ESA Planet Final report template).

Thanks to the daily global coverage, there is no need to verify the availability of the requested data in Planet Explorer online catalogue since the data are almost certainly there. In any case the user can contact the Planet helpdesk at earthnet@planet.com for information or to quantify the number of sqkm required to cover the AOI.

Visit the ESA TPM area of this Website to get information about all the Third Party Missions data available and their conditions of use.

For further enquiries contact the ESA EOHelp.