Welcome to the Information area of the SPOT-5 Take 5 ESA Call

The end of SPOT-5 nominal mission is foreseen at the end March, deorbitation in autumn 2015. In analogy to the previous SPOT4-Take 5 experiment, within this timeframe a new experimental phase should allow placing SPOT-5 in a 5 days cycle orbit.
Thanks to this orbit, it will be possible to acquire data over selected sites every 5 days under constant angles for duration of around 5 months over the majority of the vegetation phase (current assumed schedule 08/04/15-31/08/15). The experiment has been approved on 19 November.

In December 2014, ESA launched a call for proposals of sites in order to choose the areas for which the observation data processing cost will be funded by ESA's Earthnet program. ESA PIs submitted 60 scientific projects of different thematic areas, proposing around 100 sites. ESA has carefully evaluated these proposals and selected more than 60 sites for the acquisition plan.

ESA and CNES are very pleased to announce that the data from the SPOT-5 (Take 5) experiment acquired until 3 June 2015 have just been released.

The data are available on the SPOT Take 5 website.
The file format for both Level 1C and Level 2A is detailed here.
Some explanations on how the the distribution server works are available here.

Anticipating beneficial scientific results from this dataset release, ESA and CNES are also organising a SPOT-5 Take 5 workshop at the next ESA Living Planet Symposium which will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, from 9-13 May 2016.Invitations for paper submissions are welcome, and instructions are available here.

Should you need more information please contact the SPOT5-Take 5 experiment team.