Welcome to the SPOT Information Area

ESA is offering free of charge for scientific research and application development access to the following SPOT collections:

  • SPOT 1-7 ESA archive collections (online access, fast registration)
  • SPOT 6-7 full archive & Tasking, all production levels single ,stereo or tri-stereo (on demand, project proposal)
  • SPOT 1-5 full archive, all production levels (on demand, project proposal)
  • SPOTMaps 2.5m complete dataset (on demand, project proposal)

Except for the SPOT1-7 ESA archive collections (for which online access is granted), ESA will support as many high-quality and innovative projects as possible within the quota limit available, therefore only a limited amount of products can be made available to each project.

Availability and restrictions to the use of the above data is described in the ESA TPM T&C and in the Terms of applicability document linked below.

Additional information:

Since 1986, SPOT mission provides high resolution optical satellite imagery in Panchromatic and Multispectral bands.The HRV(IR) sensor onboard SPOT 1-4 provides data at 10 m spatial resolution Panchromatic mode (-1 band) and 20 m (Multispectral mode -3 or 4 bands). The HRG sensor on board of SPOT-5 provides spatial resolution of the imagery to < 3 m in the panchromatic band and to 10 m in the multispectral mode (3 bands). The SWIR band imagery remains at 20 m. The NAOMI sensor on board of SPOT 6&7 provides data up to 1.5 m spatial resolution Panchromatic and Multispectral (4 bands).The swath is of about 60 km.

The list of available data can be retrieved using the Geostore catalogue

Visit the ESA TPM area of this Website to get information about all the Third Party Missions data available and their conditions of use.

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