Welcome to the Landsat-8 Information Area

From August 2013 ESA is offering access to Landsat-8 products:

  • Systematic provision of all Landsat-8 data acquired over European station(s)
  • Near-real-time data provision within ± 3 hours after sensing
  • Online availability of all products
  • USGS certified ESA Landsat-8 (L1T and L1gT) products based on the USGS operational processing chain

Availability and restrictions on the use of the Landsat-8 data are described in the Terms and Conditions.

The following instruments are available:

  • The OLI (Operational Land Imager) sensor, which provides products of 30m resolution for VIS/NIR/SWIR, 15m resolution for PAN data,180km x 185 km, 9 spectral bands
  • The TIRS (Thermal Infrared Scanner) sensor, which provides an additional 2 TIR bands.

Should you be PI of an accepted ESA project already registered in "My Earthnet", you can also just add and submit the request for the Landsat-8 collection directly from the "My online data" section --> "Add TPM product" of your personal "My Earthnet" page.

Additional information

Visit the ESA TPM area to get information about all the Third Party Missions data available and their conditions of use.

For further enquiries contact the ESA EOHelp.
More information on the Landsat products.