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Discover and download the Earth observation data you need from the broad catalogue of missions the European Space Agency operate and support.

Data Description

Envisat ASAR WS Single Look Complex L1 [ASA_WSS_1P]

INSAR applications based either on wide-swath/wide-swath pairs or wide-swath/image mode pairs, applications of ocean current mapping, la...


Discover the latest news on the European Space Agency's Earth Observation activities. Learn all about new data availability and how ESA's missions are performing.

General News

The Earthnet Programme: 40 years of evolution and future challenges

TV industry and computers with relatively low power and little memory size in comparison to current standards, resulting in high costs a...

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Scientific Highlights

Heritage data still widely used today

Current satellite missions collect data with high frequency, with some able to systematically revisit the same location in the same geo...

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General News

ESA will continue to provide ocean colour data from Indian mission

"The key space segment of the OCR-VC consists of the current and future polar-orbiting global OC satellite missions

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Explore the European Space Agency's Earth Observation satellite missions. Learn all about ESA's dedicated Earth Explorers or collaborations with other agencies through the Third Party Missions programme.

Heritage Missions


Wind x x Current Features x x Marine Geoid x Global Circulation x x Oc...

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Find the activities you need.

ACTIVITY - Cal/Val activities

UV nadir viewing galleries

Current and past missions have been operating in a near polar low-earth orbit (LEO) Read more


Explore the many instruments the European Space Agency use to observe the Earth. ESA offer data from a wide range of optical, radar, atmospheric, altimetric and gravimetric instrumentation.


Heritage Missions


ASAR ensures continuity with the image mode (SAR) and the wave mode of the ERS-1/2 AMI.


Browse through mission documentation and reports, and learn more about European Space Agency Earth Observation projects and opportunities.

DOCUMENT - Product Specifications

26 June 2020


package is specified for the MERIS instrument. The components of the package that are not part of the current operational production baseline are identified with a flag in the column N.O. (Not Download