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Explore the European Space Agency's Earth Observation satellite missions. Learn all about ESA's dedicated Earth Explorers or collaborations with other agencies through the Third Party Missions programme.

IRS-R2 (ResourceSat-2)
Third Party Missions

IRS-R2 (ResourceSat-2)

IRS-R2 (ResourceSat-2) continues the remote sensing data services to global users provided by the ResourceSat-1 mission and also provides data with enhanced multispectral/ spatial coverage.

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Browse through mission documentation and reports, and learn more about European Space Agency Earth Observation projects and opportunities.

DOCUMENT - User Guide

1 Mar 2019

IRS-P6 Data User's Manual

covering performance parameters like spectral response, dark current, dynamic range, temperature and linearity. This LTC data is used for radiometric corrections of the image data. However, to monitor Download