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Explore the many instruments the European Space Agency use to observe the Earth. ESA offer data from a wide range of optical, radar, atmospheric, altimetric and gravimetric instrumentation.

  • Instrument - Imaging Spectrometers/Radiometers

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    ATSR Overview

    ATSR Applications Kuro Shio current captured by ERS The ATSR onboard the ERS missions had several applications spanning the disciplines of, natural disasters

  • Instrument - Spectrometers

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    GOME Cal/Val

    Half of that time was spent in the night side of Earth, when GOME carried out sequences of calibration measurements, i.e. dark current and LED measurements

  • Instrument - Spectrometers

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    GOME Products Information

    Details on the datasets currently distributed are in the ERS-2 GOME Products Availability Table GOME Level 1 version 5.1 The GOME Level 1 Data Processor

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