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Learn about upcoming Earth observation conferences, workshops and training courses that the European Space Agency organise or support. Discover the results of past events, which may provide useful reference or material for your work.

  • Event - Conference

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    25 May 2015

    2nd SMOS Science Conference

    The objectives of the 2nd SMOS Science Conference were: To provide the SMOS science communities with an update on past, current and future developments

  • Event - Workshop

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    13 Nov 2014

    Understanding the Carbon and Water Cycles using SMOS Data and Models

    the scientific understanding of main land interactions and their impacts on the Earth system and climate by exploiting SMOS observations; To review the current

  • Event - Training

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    15 Oct 2012

    Advanced Training Course in Land Remote Sensing 2012

    Objectives The objectives of this advanced Dragon training course were: To inform on past, current and future EO satellite missions and data access from

  • Event - Training

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    31 July 2006

    EO Summer School 3

    In line with observations it shows anti-cyclonically rotating surface currents and cyclonically rotating bottom currents.

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