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Learn about the ground-based, ship-borne, balloon-borne, and airborne campaigns and small satellite field experiments that validate orbiting ESA EO satellites and support future mission development.

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    program candidate mission, ESA initiated the Drift4SKIM field campaign, with the aim to evaluate the feasibility of measuring the insitu Total Surface Current

  • Campaign

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    The main objective of the campaign was to demonstrate the Harmony mission concept and information products on surface currents and sea state.

  • Campaign

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    The current mission design envisages flying two separate radars on separate platforms.

  • Campaign

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    CoSMOS 2006

    objectives were: Improving the parameterizations of the dependencies between sea surface emissivity at L-band and surface roughness, and perform validation of currently

  • Campaign

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    CryoVEx ICESat-2 Summer 2019

    The CReSIS radar is a classic nadir-looking altimeter, i.e. the current system configuration does not support acquisition in the SAR nor SARIn mode that

  • Campaign

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    CryoVex KAREN 2016 Fall

    However, the phases seem to be anti-correlated, which is currently being investigated.

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