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    An overview of ESA's Third Party Missions programme

    ESA’s Third Party Missions programme consists of almost 50 satellite missions, which are owned by organisations around the world. ESA has agreements with these organisations to acquire, process, and distribute data from their missions

  • Data - Data Description

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    ResourceSat-2 full archive and tasking

    ResourceSat-2 (also known as IRS-R2) archive and tasking products are available as below: Sensor Type Resolution (m) Coverage (km x km) System or radiometrically corrected Ortho corrected (DN) Ortho corrected (TOA reflectance) Neustralitz archive Global archive LISS-IV Mono-Chromatic 5 70 x 70 X X   2014 – 2011 - LISS-III Multi-spectral 20 140 x 140 X X X AWiFS Multi-spectral 60 370 x 370 X X X Note: LISS-IV: Mono-Chromatic, the band is selectable. In practice the red is used. For LISS-IV MN and LISS-III ortho corrected: If unavailable, user has to supply ground control information and DEM in suitable quality. For AWiFS ortho corrected: service based on in house available ground control information and DEM.

  • Mission - Third Party Missions

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    IRS-R2 (ResourceSat-2)

    IRS-R2 (ResourceSat-2) continues the remote sensing data services to global users provided by the ResourceSat-1 mission and also provides data with enhanced multispectral/ spatial coverage.

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