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  • News - Thematic area articles

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    How satellite data empower sustainable urban growth

    Earth observation is a vital tool for facilitating the sustainable development of the world's cities, helping to ensure that urban centres keep spurring collaboration, innovation and opportunity as they continue to expand.

  • News - General News

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    International collaboration: Summarising ESA’s Third Party Missions

    ESA’s Third Party Missions programme consists of more than 50 missions from around the world. Learn more about the Third Party Missions in this video.

  • News - Thematic area articles

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    How satellite data help to shape society

    Data from ESA’s Earth observation archives are improving understanding of the interactions between human activities and the environment, helping to power green economic development and boosting prosperity in Europe and beyond.

  • News - Infographics

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    An overview of the very high-resolution Vision-1 satellite

    Learn about Vision-1, which joined ESA's Third Party Missions programme in May, in our new infographic.

  • News - Events and Proceedings

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    VHR Data Quality in the limelight

    In recent years, the satellite landscape has steadily expanded with a variety of very high resolution (VHR) commercial satellites, also emerging from new space providers. A result of this growth is an increased need to address data quality assurance.

  • Document - General Reference

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    Third Party Missions Brochure

    This brochure summarises ESA's Third Party Missions programme, providing a timeline and examples of content related to some of the missions.

  • News - Data Release news

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    Vision-1 data now open to users

    In the framework of the Third Party Missions programme, ESA is offering, for scientific research and application development, access to archive and new tasking data from the Vision-1 mission upon submission and acceptance of a project proposal.

  • News - Success Stories

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    Vision-1 to enable cutting-edge science and spur innovation

    Vision-1 – which is the result of a collaboration between Airbus Defence and Space and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. (SSTL) – provides sub-metric imagery to support activities across many industries, including urban planning, agricultural monitoring, land classification, natural resource management and disaster monitoring.

  • News - Success Stories

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    New open-source Python library improves rapid mapping services

    In emergency services, rapid response is paramount. ICube-SERTIT’s Rapid Mapping Service provides near real-time delivery of geo-information to help emergency services respond quickly to disasters such as flooding, fires and landslides. A new Python open-source library, called EOReader, speeds up this mapping response by enabling the easy opening of imagery from multiple satellite sensors, both optical and synthetic aperture radar (SAR).

  • Document - User Guide

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    Vision-1 Terms Of Applicability

  • Data - Data Description

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    Vision-1 full archive and tasking

    Vision-1 provides very high resolution optical products, with 87cm resolution in Panchromatic mode and 3.48m in Multispectral Mode. Products are in DIMAP format; the image is in GeoTiff format with 16 bit encoding; the applied geographical projection is WGS84 UTM. Spectral band combination options: Panchromatic (PAN): includes data contained within a single high resolution black and white band, with product pixel size of 0.87m Multispectral (MS4): includes four multispectral (colour) bands: Blue, Green, Red and Near Infrared. The product pixel size is 3.48m Bundle (BUN): provides both the 4-band multispectral, and the panchromatic data from the same acquisition in a single, non-merged product. Data is provided as 16-bit GeoTiffs with pixel sizes of 3.48m and 0.87m for MS and PAN data respectively Pansharpened (PSH): single higher resolution 0.87 colour product obtained by the combination of the visual coloured information of the multispectral data with the details provided in the panchromatic data. Two different geometric processing levels are: Projected (level 2): The product is mapped onto the Earth cartographic system using a standard reference datum and projection system at a constant terrestrial altitude, relative to the reference ellipsoid. By default, the map projection system is WGS84/UTM. The image is georeferenced without the application of a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and supplied with the RPC model file. Pansharpened are not available as projected product Standard Ortho (level 3): georeferenced image in Earth geometry, including the application of a Airbus World DEM for Ortho and GCPs (using Airbus Intelligence One Atlas BaseMap as reference). The orthorectification procedure eliminates the perspective effect on the ground (excluding buildings) to restore the geometry of a vertical shot. Only the basic radiometric processing is available providing the radiance value.

  • Mission - Third Party Missions

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    Launched on 16 September 2018, Vision-1 offers orthorectified products with resolution up to 87 cm in panchromatic mode and 3.48 in multispectral mode as standard.

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