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  • Data - Data Description

    Data - Data Description

    SciSat-1: ACE-FTS and MAESTRO

    SCISAT-1 data aim at monitoring and analysing the chemical processes that control the distribution of ozone in the upper troposphere and stratos...

  • Document - User Guide

    Document - User Guide

    ESA's Earth Observation Third Party Missions - Data Access Guide

    The scope of this guide is to help users identify the various types of data that are available from the Third Party Missions, the applications that the data may be used for, and the procedures required for access - including registration, search, selection and retrieval of the data of interest.

  • Document - Product Specifications

    Document - Product Specifications

    ACE-FTS Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment - File format description for ACE-Imager level 2 data ---

    A reference document containing information regarding Scisat/ACE's instrument.

  • Mission - Third Party Missions

    Mission - Third Party Missions


    SciSat-1 is designed to make observations of Earth's atmosphere and its main instruments are an optical Fourier transform infrared spectrometer and an ultraviolet spectrophotometer.

  • Document - Product Readme Note

    Document - Product Readme Note


    This paper describes the approach developed for the retrieval of atmospheric temperature and pressure from the troposphere to the lower thermosphere as well as the strategy for retrievals of volume-mixing ratio profiles of atmospheric species.

  • Document - Product Readme Note

    Document - Product Readme Note


    This paper was published in the GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, Vol.32 (L15S01, doi:10.1029/2005GL022386, 2005) and presents an overview of the Canadian mission SCISAT-1 (also known as the Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment ACE) and some of its first scientific results.

  • Document - General Reference

    Document - General Reference


    The objective of the BIOMASS Mission is to determine the global distribution of forest biomass by reducing the uncertainty in the calculation of carbon stock and fluxes associated with the terrestrial biosphere.

  • Document - Proceedings

    Document - Proceedings


    Proceedings in Advances in Atmospheric Science and Applications held in 18-22 June 2012 in Bruges, Belgium.

  • Document - General Reference

    Document - General Reference


    This report describes the CoReH2O (Cold Regions Hydrology high-resolution Observatory) mission, which was selected for feasibility study in the third cycle of Earth Explorers.

  • Document - User Guide

    Document - User Guide

    Third Party Missions, Cat-1 Data Availability

    This brochure gives a quick overview on the availability of the Third Party Missions IRS-P3, JERS-1, NIMBUS, Proba, Landsat, KOMPSAT-1, SCISAT-1, Terra/Aqua, NOAA, QSCAT, OrbView, SPOT-1,-2,-3,-4, ALOS.