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  • News - Success Stories

    News - Success Stories

    Pléiades celebrates 10 years and extends satellite fleet with Pléiades Neo

    ESA is proud to mark the 10-year milestone of the Pléiades programme, a forerunner in providing very high resolution (VHR) commercial satellite imagery ideal for precision mapping and in-depth intelligence.

  • News - General News

    News - General News

    Pleiades infographic

    17 December 2021 marks the 10 year anniversary of the Pléiades programme, which consists of a constellation of very high resolution satellites owned by CNES and operated by Airbus Defence and Space.

  • Activity - General activities

    Activity - General activities

    GSCB and LTDP

    The Copernicus programme is based on a fleet of European Earth observation satellites, built and operated by ESA, member states and commercial entities. Copernicus will also offer data from non-European satellites.

  • Data - Data Description

    Data - Data Description

    Pleiades full archive and tasking

    The Pléiades twins (1A and 1B) deliver very high-resolution optical data (up to 0.5m resolution Pancromatic and Colour and 2 m Multispectral) an...

  • Data - Data Description

    Data - Data Description

    Pleiades ESA archive

    The Pleiades ESA archive is a dataset of Pleiades-1A and 1B products that ESA collected over the years. The dataset regularly grows as ESA colle...

  • Data - Data Catalogues

    Data - Data Catalogues


    FedEO is a data catalogue that provides a unique entry point to a number of scientific catalogues and services for, but not limited to, European and Canadian missions.

  • Data - Data Catalogues

    Data - Data Catalogues

    EO CAT

    EO CAT is a data catalogue, offering a Next Generation Earth Observation system designed to manage end-user Earth Observation services.

  • Mission - Third Party Missions

    Mission - Third Party Missions


    The Pleiades programme followed the SPOT programme satellite series, introducing advanced technologies in Earth observation.