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  • Sun-Earth Interaction

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  • Data - Data Description

    Data - Data Description

    KOMPSAT-1 Coverage of 50 European Cities

    Available as a single coverage collection of data over 50 European Cities acquired by KOMPSAT-1’s Electro-Optical Camera (EOC) geolocated and or...

  • Document - General Reference

    Document - General Reference


    The objective of the BIOMASS Mission is to determine the global distribution of forest biomass by reducing the uncertainty in the calculation of carbon stock and fluxes associated with the terrestrial biosphere.

  • Document - General Reference

    Document - General Reference


    This brochure is a collection of KOMPSAT EOC; ERS-2 SAR; Envisat ASAR, MERIS and Proba CHRIS, HRC mosaics.

  • Document - User Guide

    Document - User Guide

    Third Party Missions, Cat-1 Data Availability

    This brochure gives a quick overview on the availability of the Third Party Missions IRS-P3, JERS-1, NIMBUS, Proba, Landsat, KOMPSAT-1, SCISAT-1, Terra/Aqua, NOAA, QSCAT, OrbView, SPOT-1,-2,-3,-4, ALOS.

  • Document - General Reference

    Document - General Reference


    This brochure gives an overview of the Earth Watching project, which aims not only to show natural disasters, but also to promote various satellite remote sensing applications through images and articles for newspapers, magazines and TV stations.

  • Document - Proceedings

    Document - Proceedings


    Proceedings in Advances in Atmospheric Science and Applications held in 18-22 June 2012 in Bruges, Belgium.

  • Document - General Reference

    Document - General Reference


    This report describes the CoReH2O (Cold Regions Hydrology high-resolution Observatory) mission, which was selected for feasibility study in the third cycle of Earth Explorers.