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  • Data - Other

    Data - Other

    EO-SSO registration

    Learn how to register an EO-SSO account, which is required to access some data and submit proposals for data.

  • Data - Other

    Data - Other

    Data registration and proposals profile

    Access your profile to see your requested data products or registrations and proposals you have submitted. An active EO-SSO account is required.

  • Data - Data Description

    Data - Data Description

    Proba-1 CHRIS Level 1A

    CHRIS acquires a set of up to five images of each target during each acquisition sequence, these images are acquired when Proba-1 is pointing at...

  • Mission - Third Party Missions

    Mission - Third Party Missions


    PROBA-1 is a technology demonstration satellite that later became an operational Earth observation mission.

  • Data - Data Download

    Data - Data Download


    Download data from TPMs through the ESA TPM Online Dissemination system. The data is freely available to registered EO-SSO users.

  • Document - Product Specifications

    1 Mar 2019

    Document - Product Specifications

    CZCS Level 2 Product CCT Format Specifications

    Nimbus CZCS (Coastal Zone Colour Scanner). Level 2 product CCT Format Specification.

  • Document - Product Specifications

    1 Mar 2019

    Document - Product Specifications

    CZCS Level 1 Product CCT Format Specifications

    NIMBUS CZCS (Coastal Zone Colour Scanner). Level 1 product CCT Format Specification.

  • Document - User Guide

    1 Mar 2019

    Document - User Guide

    Nimbus-7 CZCS Catalogue User Guide

    Details of remotely sensed satellite imagery from the NIMB US-7 Coastal-Zone Color Scanner (CZCS) mission, acquired principally by three receiving stations in Europe, are housed in the LEDA catalogue at Earthnet, ESRIN. Geographical coverage extends from the Equator to beyond the Arctic Circle encompassing most of the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. In terms of land, the imagery covers the whole of Europe and northwest Africa. The catalogue also contains a variety of CZCS images from other parts of the world.

  • News - General News

    28 Mar 2019

    News - General News

    Proba-1 view of the Great Pyramids

    A view looking north to south of Egypt's famous Giza Pyramid Complex, as seen by ESA's PROBA-1 minisatellite on 6 January 2018.

  • News - General News, Scientific Highlights

    18 July 2018

    News - General News, Scientific Highlights

    Proba-1 view of Guam

    A cloud-specked view of the US territory of Guam in the western Pacific Ocean, as seen by ESA's Proba-1 microsatellite, launched 16 years ago.

  • News - Scientific Highlights

    8 Mar 2018

    News - Scientific Highlights

    Proba-1 sets new record

    Originally designed as a two-year mission and launched 22 October 2001, Proba-1 is still going strong, providing valuable hyper-spectral data.

  • Instrument - Spectrometers/Radiometers

    Instrument - Spectrometers/Radiometers


    Compact High Resolution Imaging Spectrometer provides data of spectral reflectances.