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  • News - Success Stories

    News - Success Stories

    How satellite data help to shape society

    Data from ESA’s Earth observation archives are improving understanding of the interactions between human activities and the environment, helping to power green economic development and boosting prosperity in Europe and beyond.

  • News - General News

    News - General News

    What are the next Earth Explorers?

    ESA have launched five missions in the Earth Explorers programme – GOCE, CryoSat, SMOS, Swarm, and Aeolus – each of which is dedicated to observing an aspect of Earth’s system.

  • News - Success Stories

    News - Success Stories

    Space helps monitor Earth’s changing biosphere

    Earth’s biosphere is continually changing. Through its pioneering Earth observation missions, ESA is making critical contributions to monitor these changes and their impacts on Earth’s water and carbon cycles.

  • Activity - General activities

    Activity - General activities

    MUltisource data package tools and SErvices (MUSE)

    The MUSE project aims to develop and integrate a tool to simultaneously manipulate geospatial data products, satellite, model and in-situ data.

  • News - Success Stories

    News - Success Stories

    Satellite data central to ocean monitoring

    Over 95% of Earth’s water is found in our oceans, and yet sadly, oceans are under stress from climate change and pollution. Monitoring our oceans is vital for Earth’s survival and satellites are the primary means of long-term and independent observation of our vast ocean bodies and their associated coastal zones.

  • News - Success Stories

    News - Success Stories

    How space data are transforming the global food system

    European Earth observation activities are accelerating a data-driven transformation in the agriculture sector that is helping farmers adapt to the dual challenges of climate change and population increase.

  • Event - Workshop

    Event - Workshop

    Space and the Arctic 2009 Workshop

    Temperatures in the Arctic are rising at an unprecedented rate. This workshop looked at the needs and challenges of working and living in the rapidly changing Arctic and explore how space-based services might help to meet those needs.

  • Event - Conference, Sessions

    Event - Conference, Sessions

    Living Planet Symposium 2022

    ESA’s Living Planet Symposium is the biggest Earth observation conference in the world. Join us in Bonn, Germany, for the next symposium.

  • Tools - Other

    Tools - Other


    The Biomass Product Algorithm Laboratory (BioPAL) is an open-source scientific computing project, supporting the development of ESA's Biomass mission algorithms coded in Python.

  • News - Success Stories

    News - Success Stories

    ESA's open source computing project for the Biomass mission goes live

    The Biomass Product Algorithm Laboratory (BioPAL) is an open-source scientific computing project, which supports the development of ESA’s Biomass mission algorithms coded in Python.

  • Activity - General activities

    Activity - General activities

    EO Science for Society

    ESA's Earth Observation Science for Society programme aims to promote scientific exploitation of satellite data, forges new scientific discoveries and pioneers new services, stimulating downstream industrial and economic growth.

  • News - Success Stories

    News - Success Stories

    Drone-based Laser Scanning of Tropical Forests for Biomass Cal/Val

    ESA’s upcoming mission Biomass will deliver valuable P-band SAR data aimed at forest aboveground biomass (AGB) estimation across the humid tropics.

  • News - Data Release news

    News - Data Release news

    New Campaign datasets available

    A new set of datasets is available, acquired during airborne campaigns conducted between 2014 and 2019

  • Event - Training

    Event - Training

    2nd Advanced Course on Radar Polarimetry 2013

    The advanced ESA course provided an introduction to the basics and advanced concepts of theory, scattering concepts, systems and applications typical of radar polarimetric remote sensing.

  • Event - Workshop

    Event - Workshop

    POLinSAR 2013

    The objectives of the PolInSAR 2013 workshop were to present the latest studies and results of SAR polarimetry and polarimetric interferometry.

  • Event - Training

    Event - Training

    10th Advanced Training Course on Land Remote Sensing EO and AI for Forestry

    This ESA course was dedicated to training the next generation of EO scientists and experts working in forestry domain to exploit data from EO missions and use AI for science and applications development.

  • News - Events and Proceedings

    News - Events and Proceedings

    Event Postponed to September 2021

    Please be informed that the 10th ESA Advanced Training Course on Land RS: EO and AI for Forestry has been POSTPONED by one year. The course will still be held at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 20-24 September 2021.

  • Mission - Earth Explorers

    Mission - Earth Explorers


    The objective of the Biomass mission is to determine the global distribution of forest biomass.

  • Data - Campaigns data

    Data - Campaigns data

    Request campaigns data

    Request data acquired during airborne campaigns, many of which were conducted in support of ESA missions.

  • Campaign


    AfriSAR 2015

    During the AfriSAR 2015 campaign, shared between ONERA (dry season, July 2015) and DLR (wet season 2016), Pol-InSAR and TomoSAR airborne data set were collected over four test sites over Africa, therefore covering different forest structures.