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  • Activity - Projects

    Activity - Projects

    Swarm LP Ion Drift and Effective Mass

    The Swarm LP Ion Drift and Effective Mass (SLIDEM) project will augment Swarm's ability to measure the along-track component of ion drift, and assess the composition of ionospheric ions.

  • Activity - Projects

    Activity - Projects

    Plasmapause Related boundaries in the topside Ionosphere as derived from Swarm Measurements

    In the project, Plasmapause Related boundaries in the topside Ionosphere as determined from Swarm Measurements (PRISM), the team develop products that characterise position of the plasmapause related phenomena in the topside ionosphere.

  • News - General News

    News - General News

    Meet ESA's Swarm Mission Manager

    Anja Strømme, ESA's Swarm Mission Manager, describes in detail the wonders of the Swarm mission.

  • News - Operational News

    News - Operational News

    Swarm EFI LP partial data gap between 7 and 11 December 2021

    Some EFI-TII Gain Map Calibration was executed on the three Swarm spacecraft between 7 and 11 December 2021

  • News - Operational News

    News - Operational News

    Update on Swarm Field-Aligned Current Dual (FAC_AC) data missing from 7 November 2021

    As a follow-up of the news published on 23 November 2021, we want to update Swarm users about the missing Field-Aligned Current Dual (FAC_TMS_2F) data since 7 November 2021. 

  • News - Success Stories

    News - Success Stories

    Swarm’s orbital dance: counter-rotating and closer, for the benefit of science

    Since variations in Earth’s magnetic field directly reflect the flow of fluid in the outermost core, new information from Swarm will further our understanding of the physics and dynamics of Earth's stormy heart—and the satellites are recently flying in a counter-rotating phase and closer in their separation, to enable scientists to discover new elements.

  • News - Data Release news

    News - Data Release news

    Additional EFI TII Cross Track Flow dataset 0302 available for Swarm satellites

    Additional TII cross-track flow data are now available on the Swarm dissemination server for all the Swarm satellites.

  • News - General News

    News - General News

    New Swarm infographic

    Learn more about ESA's Swarm mission, an Earth Explorer dedicated to studying Earth's magnetic field, in our latest infographic.

  • Activity - Projects

    Activity - Projects


    Topside Ionosphere Radio Observations from multiple LEO-missions (TIRO) project will provide two measurements from onboard instruments of LEO satellite missions: TEC (Total Electron Content) derived from GNSS signals, and electron density derived from KBR (K-Band Ranging) system observations.

  • Activity - Projects

    Activity - Projects

    Ionospheric signature of auroral and subauroral fast flows

    The ionospheric signature of auroral and subauroral fast flows project aims to advance the understanding of narrow regions of fast flow in the auroral and subauroral regions.

  • Activity - Projects

    Activity - Projects


    Swarm Investigation of the Energetics of Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling (SIEMIC) project is a Living Planet Fellowship research project to discover how much energy flows from the magnetosphere to the ionosphere at which scales into each hemisphere.

  • Mission - Earth Explorers

    Mission - Earth Explorers


    Swarm is dedicated to creating a highly detailed survey of the Earth’s geomagnetic field and its temporal evolution as well as the electric field in the atmosphere using a constellation of three identical satellites.

  • Instrument - Radar Altimeters

    Instrument - Radar Altimeters

    STR (Swarm)

    The Swarm Star Trackers retrieve information on the precise satellite orientation and attitude.

  • Instrument - Accelerometers

    Instrument - Accelerometers

    ACC (Swarm)

    The Accelerometer measures the Swarm satellite’s non-gravitational acceleration in its respective orbit.

  • Instrument - GPS

    Instrument - GPS

    GPSR and LRR (Swarm)

    Each Swarm satellite is equipped with a Laser Retroreflector for external calibration and validation of the on-board GPS receiver.

  • Instrument - MAGNETOMETERS

    Instrument - MAGNETOMETERS


    The Vector Field Magnetometer (VFM) is the primary instrument carried aboard the Swarm satellites.

  • Instrument - MAGNETOMETERS

    Instrument - MAGNETOMETERS


    The Absolute Scalar Magnetometer on the Swarm satellites measures the strength of the magnetic field.

  • Instrument - Magnetic Field/Electric Field Instruments

    Instrument - Magnetic Field/Electric Field Instruments


    The Electric Field Instrument (EFI) aboard the Swarm satellites is the first 3D ionospheric imager in space.