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Discover the latest news on the European Space Agency's Earth Observation activities. Learn all about new data availability and how ESA's missions are performing.

  • News - Maintenance News

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    6 Apr 2023

    (A)SAR Online Dissemination Service maintenance - 12 April 2023

    A maintenance activity affecting the ESA (A)SAR Online Dissemination Service will take place on 12 April 2023, from 07:00 to 13:00 UTC.

  • News - General News

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    12 Apr 2022

    Interviewing Mirko Albani

    ESA’s Heritage Space Programme Manager describes the goals of the programme, some of the challenges involved in preserving and improving 40 years of historical Earth observation data, and his passion for curating this long-term archive.

  • News - General News

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    29 Apr 2021

    Quality Reports Advanced Search Portal takes off

    The Quality Reports Advanced Search (QRAS) Portal is a system that provides a set of functionalities for searching, filtering, visualising and downloading of Earth Observation reports data, from multiple missions.

  • News - Data Release news

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    27 Apr 2021

    Increased ERS SAR data availability

    A large amount of additional ERS-1/2 SAR data is now available to users via the dedicated ESA (A)SAR dissemination service.

  • News - Success Stories

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    30 Apr 2020

    Mission continuity

    Long-term availability of Earth observation data from a given instrument is crucial to many data users and their research—but just how does it work?

  • News - Success Stories

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    1 Apr 2020

    New life for Landsat historical data

    45 years of data, more than 1.8 million images, these are the numbers of an adventure started 48 years ago with the launch of the first Landsat satellite.

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