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Learn about upcoming Earth observation conferences, workshops and training courses that the European Space Agency organise or support. Discover the results of past events, which may provide useful reference or material for your work.

  • Event - Training

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    25 Sept 2006

    Advanced Training Course on Ocean Remote Sensing 2006

    The objective of the course was to provide first-hand information on a broad range of ocean research topics including key principles of SAR, Radar Altimetry, Ocean Colour and Sea Surface Temperature measurements, processing algorithms, data products and their use in oceanographic applications.

  • Event - Workshop

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    22 Sept 2008

    2nd MERIS/AATSR User Workshop

    The workshop addressed the utilisation of MERIS and AATSR data for remote sensing of open oceans, coastal waters, land surfaces and atmospheric processes.

  • Event - Meeting

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    24 Sept 2019

    MIPAS WebEx Teleconference 24 Sept 2019

    The objective of this MIPAS QWG meeting was to provide validation results and share potential issues on L2v8.

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