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Browse through mission documentation and reports, and learn more about European Space Agency Earth Observation projects and opportunities.

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  • Document - User Guide

    30 May 2018

    Document - User Guide


    This guide describes the Third Party Missions Dissemination System.

  • Document - General Reference

    1 Mar 2019

    Document - General Reference

    The International Charter- Space and Major Disasters

    The Charter is an important step forward in linking the needs of disaster and relief organisations with space technology solutions to help mitigate the effects of disaster on human life, property and the environment.

  • Document - User Guide

    16 June 2020

    Document - User Guide


    This document describes how to use ICEYE SLC and GRD SAR data in the SNAP toolbox.

  • Document - User Guide

    1 Mar 2019

    Document - User Guide

    KOMPSAT-2 Image Data Manual

    The KOMPSAT-2 Image data Manual was designed and produced by KARI.This document intends for users of data supplied by KOMPSAT-2, andincludes basic information about the KOMPSAT-2 system, processing& specification of KOMPSAT-2 imagery data and a brief overview& evaluated values of the theoretical concepts of imagequality.

  • Document - User Guide

    1 May 2020

    Document - User Guide


    The ICEYE SAR Product Guide provides the SAR Product Specifications, a detailed description of the Image Ordering process, and related supporting information.

  • Document - Product Specifications

    5 July 2019

    Document - Product Specifications


    This document defines the format of Level 1 product components for imagery products generated from the ICEYE SAR constellation.

  • Document - User Guide

    1 Mar 2019

    Document - User Guide

    ESA's Earth Observation Third Party Missions - Data Access Guide

    The scope of this guide is to help users identify the various types of data that are available from the Third Party Missions, the applications that the data may be used for, and the procedures required for access - including registration, search, selection and retrieval of the data of interest.

  • Document - Product Cal/Val Plan/Report

    4 Sept 2020

    Document - Product Cal/Val Plan/Report


    Quality assessment was performed for ICEYE’s X2 SAR satellite’s Single Look Complex (SLC) images.

  • Document - Conference Presentation - Poster

    1 Feb 2013

    Document - Conference Presentation - Poster


    Multi frequency polarimetric SAR sensors analysis - The archaeological UNESCO site of Djebel Barkal (Sudan) J. Patruno [Univerisity of Rennes1 - France]