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  • Document - Availability Report

    24 June 2020

    Document - Availability Report


    Burst mode Sessions reprocessed with L1BOP in operation since 11/02/2020.

  • Document - Product Document, Availability Report

    29 May 2020

    Document - Product Document, Availability Report


    Description of the Orbit Evolution of the Swarm Mission

  • Document - Product Handbook

    6 Dec 2019

    Document - Product Handbook


    The AVHRR user handbook provides details about the content of the consolidated and harmonised data set archived at ESA facilities.

  • Document - User Guide

    8 Apr 2019

    Document - User Guide


    This manual is intended for users interested in the thermosphere density and wind data derived from the GOCE mission.

  • Document - Product Cal/Val Plan/Report

    1 Mar 2019

    Document - Product Cal/Val Plan/Report

    GOCE Calibration & Validation Plan for L1b Data Products

    The purpose of this document is to provide a framework for theactivities planned in connection with the calibration andvalidation of Level 1b data products from the GOCE mission. Itcontains information on the overall context for GOCE-relatedcalibration and validation, together with a summary of each of theplanned activities, including information about their goals,methodology and their outputs, as well as a list of participants.The objective of documenting each specific effort is to identifyeach expected contribution to either calibration or validation ofLevel 1b products, in order to fully appreciate what areas arecovered by existing plans, and whether further attention to detailmay be required.

  • Document - Product Handbook

    4 Aug 2014

    Document - Product Handbook


    The purpose of this document is to provide a detailed description of the GOCE level 2 products generated by the High Level Processing Facility.

  • Document - Software Verification Plan/Report

    5 Jan 2009

    Document - Software Verification Plan/Report

    GUT Standards and Recommended Models

    The document aims to develop the standards for processing altimetry and the derivation of MSS models. The standards will contain guidelines on selection of geodetic coordinate systems,tidal system, IB-correction, averaging period, format, etc. In addition, a list of available MSS models will be made.

  • Document - Software Verification Plan/Report

    27 Mar 2007

    Document - Software Verification Plan/Report

    Summary and Tutorial Document - GOCE User Toolbox Specifications (GUTS)

    WP5000: This document provides an executive summary of the GOCE User Toolbox Study.