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Discover and download the Earth observation data you need from the broad catalogue of missions the European Space Agency operate and support.

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    Pléiades Neo full archive and tasking

    Very High Resolution optical Pléiades Neo data at 30 cm PAN resolution (1.2 m 6- bands Multispectral) are available as part of the Airbus provision with twice daily revisit capability over the entire globe. The swath width is 14 km (footprint at nadir). Band combinations: Panchromatic one band Black & White image at 0.3 m resolution Bundle 0.3 m panchromatic image and 1.2 m multispectral image (4 or 6 bands) simultaneously acquired Geometric processing levels: Primary: The Primary product is the processing level closest to the natural image acquired by the sensor. This product restores perfect collection conditions: the sensor is placed in rectilinear geometry, and the image is clear of all radiometric distortion. Projected: The products is mapped onto the Earth cartographic system using a standard reference datum and projection system at a constant terrestrial altitude, relative to the reference ellipsoid. Ortho: The Ortho product is a georeferenced image in Earth geometry, corrected from acquisition and terrain off-nadir effects.

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