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Discover and download the Earth observation data you need from the broad catalogue of missions the European Space Agency operate and support.

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    SAOCOM Europe data products

    This collection provides access to the SAOCOM products acquired in the ASI Zone of Exclusivity, that correspond mainly to the European territory plus the international waters in front of North Africa and the Middle East, archived and catalogued in the ASI/CONAE dissemination system. ASI Zone of Exclusivity   Platform SAOCOM 1A only (in future SAOCOM-1B will be added) Instrument L-Band SAR, 1.275 GHz Sensor mode STRIPMAP for data acquired at fixed azimuth steering (beam from S1 up to S10) TOPSAR for data acquired in ScanSAR like mode (Mode A, Mode B or Wide) Processing level L1A - SLC (single look complex, slat range), L1B - DI (detected image, ground range), L1C - GEC (geocoded on ellipsoid), L1D - GTC (geocoded on DEM) Resolution STRIPMAP: 10m TOPSAR Narrow: 30 - 50m TOPSAR WIDE: 50 - 100m Swath Width STRIPMAP: 20 - 40 km TOPSAR Narrow: 100 - 150 km TOPSAR Wide: 220 - 350 km Polarization Single polarization (HH or VV) only for STRIPMAP Double polarization (HHHV or VHVV) for both STRIPMAP and TOPSAR Quad Polarization for both STRIPMAP and TOPSAR

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