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Learn about the ground-based, ship-borne, balloon-borne, and airborne campaigns and small satellite field experiments that validate orbiting ESA EO satellites and support future mission development.

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    2015 - 2016


    AfriScat campaign, a follow on to TropiSCAT campaign, was to acquire long-term P-Band radar data in an African tropical forest.

  • Campaign

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    AfriSAR 2016

    In order to further support the BIOMASS mission development, especially concerning the mission concept verification and the development of geophysical algorithms, ESA funded the AfriSAR campaign.

  • Campaign

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    2011 - 2012


    The major objectives of the experiment were the temporal survey of the variation of the measurements in time scales ranging from diurnal, weekly, monthly, up to 12 months of observation.

  • Campaign

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    BioSAR 2010

    The BioSAR-3 (BioSAR 2010) campaign was specifically planned and implemented to investigate possibilities for a future spaceborne P-band polarimetric and interferometric SAR with a life-time of multiple years.

  • Campaign

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    TropiSAR 2009

    The TropiSAR campaign objectives were the evaluation of P-Band radar imaging over tropical forests for biomass and forest height estimation.

  • Campaign

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    BioSAR 2008

    The main objective of BioSAR-2 (BioSAR 2008) campaign was to record SAR data over boreal forests with topographic effects to investigate the effect on biomass retrieval.

  • Campaign

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    BioSAR 2007

    The BioSAR campaign aimed to support geophysical algorithm development, calibration/validation and the simulation of future spaceborne Earth Observation missions.

  • Campaign

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    The BACCHUS-DOC Radar and Optical Campaign was an area mapping project of vineyards near Frascati (Italy). ESA required high resolution geo-referenced airborne SAR data of different wavelength and polarisation (preferably polarimetric).

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