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  • Activity - Projects

    Swarm Ionospheric Polar Electrodynamics

    The goal of the Swarm ionospheric polar electrodynamics (SWIPE) project is to create and disseminate the most advanced models of high-latitude Joule dissipation, ionospheric convection, and ionospheric conductances.

  • Activity - Projects

    ESC Ionospheric Weather - definition and development activities

    The project objective is to ensure operational and development activities within the Ionospheric Weather Expert Service Centre of ESA's Space Situational Awareness Space Weather network.

  • Activity - Projects

    Swarm for earthquake study

    Swarm for earthquake study (SAFE) will study the preparatory phase of large earthquakes through the analysis of electromagnetic data from sensors on board the Swarm constellation.

  • Activity - Projects

    Polar Cap Products

    Polar Cap Products (PCP) project will provide essential information on polar cap patches, an important element of space weather in the polar regions.

  • Activity - Projects

    Plasmapause Related boundaries in the topside Ionosphere as derived from Swarm Measurements

    In the project, Plasmapause Related boundaries in the topside Ionosphere as determined from Swarm Measurements (PRISM), the team develop products that characterise position of the plasmapause related phenomena in the topside ionosphere.

  • Activity - Projects

    Dipolar Spherical Elementary Current Systems (DSECS) toolbox

    The purpose of this project is to create a user-friendly version of a previously developed analysis method for estimating ionospheric currents at low and middle latitudes.

  • Activity - Projects

    Contribution of Swarm data to the prompt detection of Tsunamis and other natural hazards

    The main objective of COSTO (Contribution of Swarm data to the prompt detection of Tsunamis and other natural hazards) project is to better characterise, understand and discover coupling processes and interactions.

  • Activity - Projects

    3D mantle conductivity

    The 3D mantle conductivity project is part of the Swarm DISC (Data, Innovation and Science Cluster).

  • Activity - Projects


    The TOLEOS (Thermosphere Observations from Low-Earth Orbiting Satellites) project will produce thermosphere mass density observations from the accelerometer measurements of the GRACE, GRACE-FO, and CHAMP satellites.

  • Activity - Projects


    Topside Ionosphere Radio Observations from multiple LEO-missions (TIRO) project will provide two measurements from onboard instruments of LEO satellite missions: TEC (Total Electron Content) derived from GNSS signals, and electron density derived from KBR (K-Band Ranging) system observations.

  • Activity - Projects


    AuroraX-DISC activities is building directly on the Swarm-Aurora framework. The team will continue to evolve the metadata and summary data from the satellites and the ground-based (and ultimately space-based) imagers in response to suggestions by users.

  • Activity - Projects

    Ionospheric signature of auroral and subauroral fast flows

    The ionospheric signature of auroral and subauroral fast flows project aims to advance the understanding of narrow regions of fast flow in the auroral and subauroral regions.

  • Activity - Projects

    Swarm Outflow

    The Swarm+ Coupling High-Low Atmosphere Interactions: Ion Outflow ("Swarm+ Outflow") project, which began in May 2019, centres on using Swarm spacecraft to tackle unanswered questions around non-thermal processes that lead to ion outflow.

  • Activity - Quality

    Swarm DISC

    The Swarm DISC (Swarm Data, Innovation, and Science Cluster) is an international consortium to enhance the scientific return of the Swarm satellite mission.

  • Activity - Projects

    Swarm - Spherical Elementary Current System

    The Swarm-SECS project investigated how the method of Spherical Elementary Current Systems can be applied to Swarm magnetic and electric field data in order to create new data products.

  • Activity - Projects


    The project SIFACIT (Swarm Data Quality Investigation of Field-Aligned Current Products, Ionosphere, and Thermosphere Systems) focuses on the study of the Field-Aligned Currents.

  • Activity - Projects


    Swarm for Anomalies (Swarm4Anom) project will study spatial and temporal evolution of night-time plasma density enhancements.

  • Activity - Projects

    DynamicEarth - SPP 1788

    DynamicEarth - SPP 1788 Priority Programme is a project to quantify terrestrial transport mechanisms and solar-terrestrial interactions, and build on data from satellites on low-Earth orbits.

  • Activity - Projects

    Swarm Utilisation Analysis

    The Swarm Utilisation Analysis (SUA) project evaluates the space weather capabilities of the Swarm mission and will be of highest relevance for other, as well as future LEO missions with similar instrumentation.

  • Activity - Projects

    Geomagnetic Virtual Observatories

    Geomagnetic Virtual Observatories (GVO) project data products provide valuable information to those investigating magnetospheric and ionospheric magnetic signals on timescales of months and longer.

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