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    The current mission design envisages flying two separate radars on separate platforms

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    CoSMOS 2006

    Coastal Current front

  • News - Data Release news

    News - Data Release news

    SMOS sea ice thickness reprocessed data now available

    The reprocessed SMOS level 3 and 4 sea ice thickness products over the Arctic are now available from the ESA SMOS Dissemination Service.

  • Tools - Processing, Visualisation

    Tools - Processing, Visualisation

    SMOS Toolbox

    Visualisation functionalities have been upgraded, the current version of the SMOS Toolbox is able to display SMOS Level 1C and Level 2 ...

  • News - Events and Proceedings

    News - Events and Proceedings

    Special event for 10th anniversary of SMOS

    Synergies with current and future EO missions The symposium is open to scientists and engineers interested in exploring the capabilities...

  • Tools - Processing

    Tools - Processing


    The current version of PolSARpro is 6

  • News - Announcement of Opportunity

    News - Announcement of Opportunity

    Closed ESA announcement of opportunities

    Find out about closed ESA announcement of opportunities and what these opportunities involved, for historical reference.

  • Event - Workshop

    Event - Workshop

    IDEAS+ Cal/Val Workshop 7

    Regular workshops are held every nine months with the whole IDEAS+ Task 3-Cal/Val team in order to review the status of current activit...

  • Event - Workshop

    Event - Workshop

    Coastal and Marine Applications of SAR Workshop 2003

    The second in the Coastal and Marine Applications of SAR Workshop series covered a range of topics on applications of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) in coastal and marine environments.

  • News - General News

    News - General News

    Quality Reports Advanced Search Portal takes off

    The system by default will show the reports for the current month, but the user can easily choose a different type of visualisation, on...

  • Event - Conference

    Event - Conference

    2nd SMOS Science Conference

    The objectives of the 2nd SMOS Science Conference were: To provide the SMOS science communities with an update on past, current and fut...

  • Event - Meeting

    Event - Meeting

    World Ocean Circulation User Consultation Meeting 2019

    The World Ocean Circulation User Consultation Meeting took place on 21 and 22 February 2019 with the aim to prepare a roadmap for new initiatives on ocean circulation research and applications.

  • Event - Workshop

    Event - Workshop

    2nd Space for Hydrology Workshop

    The workshop assessed the current stage of knowledge and activities in space-based hydrological observations and to exchange knowledge ...

  • Event - Workshop

    Event - Workshop

    Understanding the Carbon and Water Cycles using SMOS Data and Models

    To review the current advances on SMOS observations, products and capacity to improve the characterisation of the land surface processes...

  • Event - Workshop

    Event - Workshop

    The 6th SMOS Science Workshop

    to analyse achieved results and potential improvements; overall to stimulate co-ordination among current projects and initiatives.

  • Event - Workshop

    Event - Workshop

    SEASAR 2012

    Ocean current retrievals and applications Wave retrievals and applications Sea ice retrievals and applications Oil spill and ship detect...

  • Event - Workshop

    Event - Workshop

    Fringe 2011 Workshop

    Fringe 2011 was the 8th International Workshop on "Advances in the Science and Applications of SAR Interferometry".

  • Event - Meeting

    Event - Meeting

    VH-RODA and CEOS SAR workshop

    The workshop, hosted by ESA/ESRIN, provided an open forum for the presentation and discussion of current status and future developments...

  • News - Success Stories

    News - Success Stories

    Earth Observation data to improve navigation risk modelling and shipping routes

    AIS system and the statistical evaluation of the accuracy of current position data available through the AIS system, or their alignment ...

  • Event - Training

    Event - Training

    Advanced Training Course in Land Remote Sensing 2012

    Objectives The objectives of this advanced Dragon training course were: To inform on past, current and future EO satellite missions and...