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    The current mission design envisages flying two separate radars on separate platforms

  • Event - Workshop

    Event - Workshop

    Coastal and Marine Applications of SAR Workshop 2003

    The second in the Coastal and Marine Applications of SAR Workshop series covered a range of topics on applications of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) in coastal and marine environments.

  • News - Success Stories

    News - Success Stories

    Transforming space data into climate action

    By combining high-quality data from both current and previous missions, scientists are improving their understanding of the long-term c...

  • Event - Workshop

    Event - Workshop

    2nd Space for Hydrology Workshop

    The workshop assessed the current stage of knowledge and activities in space-based hydrological observations and to exchange knowledge ...

  • Event - Meeting

    Event - Meeting

    VH-RODA and CEOS SAR workshop

    The workshop, hosted by ESA/ESRIN, provided an open forum for the presentation and discussion of current status and future developments...

  • Event - Workshop

    Event - Workshop

    POLinSAR 2013

    Past, current and future SAR Missions (e

  • Event - Training

    Event - Training

    Advanced Training Course in Land Remote Sensing 2012

    Objectives The objectives of this advanced Dragon training course were: To inform on past, current and future EO satellite missions and...

  • Event - Meeting, Workshop

    Event - Meeting, Workshop

    GRSG 2011 Workshop and AGM

    The current membership includes geologists and remote sensing experts employed within industry, academia and government agencies, as we...

  • Event - Workshop

    Event - Workshop

    Space and the Arctic 2009 Workshop

    Contribution to Current and Future Programmes : Ernst Koenemann, Director of EUMETSAT Programme Development Thematic Session: Climate Ch...

  • Mission - Third Party Missions

    Mission - Third Party Missions

    TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X

    The TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X satellites feature a unique geometric accuracy that is unmatched by any other spaceborne sensor.

  • Mission - Heritage Missions, Third Party Missions

    Mission - Heritage Missions, Third Party Missions


    The RADARSAT programme consists of a pair of remote sensing satellites from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).

  • Instrument - Imaging Radars

    Instrument - Imaging Radars


    The ALOS PALSAR was a successor sensor to the synthetic aperture radar on board JERS-1.

  • Mission - Heritage Missions, Third Party Missions

    Mission - Heritage Missions, Third Party Missions

    Landsat Series

    The Landsat series is the world's longest running system of satellites for moderate-resolution optical remote sensing for land, coastal areas and shallow waters.

  • Activity - Quality

    Activity - Quality


    The SCIRoCCo project aims are to consolidate current methodologies for scatterometer data processing and calibration

  • Instrument - Imaging Radars

    Instrument - Imaging Radars

    PALSAR Processor Releases

    Processor Releases The current ALOS PALSAR IPF integrated within the ESA On-The-Fly system is v4

  • Instrument - Scatterometers

    Instrument - Scatterometers

    SAR (ERS) Processor Releases

    Processor Releases It should be noted that for SAR, each product ordered is processed directly from the raw data, using the current vers...

  • Mission - Heritage Missions

    Mission - Heritage Missions

    ERS Radar Course 1

    Therefore, microwaves easily penetrate clouds, and images can be acquired independently of the current weather conditions

  • Activity - Quality

    Activity - Quality


    The SLAP (Systematic Landsat Archive Processing) project covers the MSS, TM and ETM+ products from Landsat missions 1 – 7, and is the first systematic reprocessing of the ESA Landsat archive.

  • Event - Workshop

    Event - Workshop

    Fringe 2007 Workshop

    Fringe 2007 was the third International Workshop on Envisat ASAR interferometry and fifth International Workshop on ERS SAR Interferometry.

  • Instrument - Imaging Radars

    Instrument - Imaging Radars

    PALSAR Quality Control Reports

    Read more ALOS PALSAR Quality Disclaimer A small percentage of ALOS PALSAR products processed by the current installed ESA IPF are affe...