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Discover the latest news on the European Space Agency's Earth Observation activities. Learn all about new data availability and how ESA's missions are performing.

  • News - Thematic area articles

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    29 Sept 2022

    How satellite data help to shape society

    Title: Current drought situation in Ebro basin Description: The SMOS soil-moisture-based drought monitor is updated monthly and tracked the progression

  • News - Data Release news

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    22 July 2021

    New reprocessing of datasets celebrates 30 years of ERS

    For each surface, the experts will use our current knowledge acquired over 30 years of experience, to improve the ERS altimetric and radiometric data as

  • News - Success Stories

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    6 Mar 2020

    Heritage data still widely used today

    Current satellite missions collect data with high frequency, with some able to systematically revisit the same location in the same geometry every 6 days

  • News - Success Stories

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    27 Sept 2022

    Heritage data trains neural networks to detect urban sprawl

    Since they’ve been trained identically, they can help monitor both current and past urban changes.

  • News - Success Stories

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    4 Mar 2021

    A stroll through Heritage Missions

    In the current digital era, this confirms ESA’s commitment to maintain heritage data and keep information available, in support of environmentally and

  • News - General News

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    29 Apr 2021

    Quality Reports Advanced Search Portal takes off

    The system by default will show the reports for the current month, but the user can easily choose a different type of visualisation, on a yearly, monthly

  • News - Thematic area articles

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    30 June 2022

    Transforming space data into climate action

    By combining high-quality data from both current and previous missions, scientists are improving their understanding of the long-term changes impacting

  • News - Events and Proceedings

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    13 June 2022

    Highlights from Living Planet Symposium

    ESA will continue to pursue recovery and reprocessing of heritage data to extend time series and complement data from current and future missions.”

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