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  • Activity - Quality


    Missions Multi-Mission Studies and DEM Assessments VH-RODA 2019 workshop VH-RODA 2021 workshop VH-RODA 2022 workshop The following missions are currently

  • Activity - Quality


    Currently, in excess of 701,000 Level 1 TM and 84,000 Level 1 ETM+ products have been reprocessed and released under the SLAP project.

  • Activity - Quality


    Climate Observing System report Author: The SCIRoCCo Team Abstract: The ERS Scatterometers in the Global Climate Observing System report describes the current

  • Activity - Instrument characterisation and algorithm studies


    The current operational Atmospheric Correction applied to Proba-V TOA observations (Sterckx et al. 2014) uses the Simplified Model for Atmospheric Correction

  • Activity - Quality


    The product validation and evolution of the algorithm are currently being performed.

  • Activity - Instrument characterisation and algorithm studies


    Several presenters at the Symposium reported under-detection of clouds with the current algorithm with semi-transparent clouds representing a major concern

  • Activity - Instrument characterisation and algorithm studies


    In the North Sea study area there are three Buoys currently in operation.

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