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  • Activity - Quality


    Author: The SCIRoCCo Team Abstract: The ERS Scatterometers in the Global Climate Observing System report describes the current

  • Activity - Instrument characterisation and algorithm studies

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    ESA satellites and instruments calibration landing page

    Data Outages: Information currently not available online.  

  • Activity - Quality

    LTDP ALTS: ATSR Long Term Stability Project

    TCWV Retrieval Current activities A new atmospheric total column water vapour (TCWV) retrieval algorithm, named AIRWAVE (

  • Activity - Quality


    data shows a clear improvement in terms of accuracy over the tandem periods between ERS-1, ERS-2 and Envisat missions (currently

  • Activity - General activities

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    EO Summer Schools

    Keynote lectures on global change issues are also given to discuss the current state of the science of global change and

  • Activity - Quality


    The product validation and evolution of the algorithm are currently being performed.

  • Activity - Cal/Val activities

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    UV nadir viewing galleries

    Download chart A new perspective on the current state of the ozone layer derived using the merged total ozone data record

  • Activity - Projects

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    Dragon 3 Cooperation Programme

    Surveying and Mapping China Mirjam Bilker-Koivula, Hannu Ruotsalainen Finnish Geodetic Institute Finland 10677 - GSM4GCM Current