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Find the tools you need to visualise, analyse and process the European Space Agency's Earth observation data.

  • Tools - Processing

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    25 May 2021

    SMOS Artificial Scene Library (ASL)

    The ASL function allows users to directly use the L1B product version 7 by mimicking the Gibbs-2 image reconstruction correction algorithm as it is implemented in the level 1 operational processor.

  • Tools - Visualisation

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    27 Nov 2019

    SMOS Global Mapping Tool

    The SMOS Global Mapping Tool (GMT) is useful for plotting the SMOS data into a single global geographical map.

  • Tools - Processing

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    20 June 2019

    SMOS NetCDF Conversion Tool

    The SMOS NetCDF Conversion Tool, for batch processing of large amounts of files, is available as a stand-alone command line executable or integrated in the SMOS Toolbox/SNAP.