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  • Event - Workshop

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    PROBA-1 CHRIS End of Mission Workshop

    The PROBA-1 CHRIS End of Mission Workshop will take place from 18-19 January 2024 in Ghent, Belgium.

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    Space helps monitor Earth’s changing biosphere

    Earth’s biosphere is continually changing. Through its pioneering Earth observation missions, ESA is making critical contributions to monitor these changes and their impacts on Earth’s water and carbon cycles.

  • Campaign

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    ESA's SPectra bARrax Campaign (SPARC) activity was part of the preparatory study for a proposed ESA Earth Explorer mission called SPECTRA. The objective was to collect a CHRIS/PROBA reference dataset for SPECTRA-related studies.

  • Document - General Reference

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    This report describes the CoReH2O (Cold Regions Hydrology high-resolution Observatory) mission, which was selected for feasibility study in the third cycle of Earth Explorers.