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  • News - General News

    News - General News

    Interactive summary of ESA Third Party Mission collections

    A new interactive summary is available, showcasing the ESA archives for Third Party Mission collections.

  • Document - Data Access Information

    Document - Data Access Information

    ESA archive of Third Party Mission collections

    Discover the ESA archive data collections offered for the Third Party Missions programme.

  • News - Events and Proceedings

    News - Events and Proceedings

    Campaign using surface reflectance data to support validation of Earth observation products

    Scientists from around the world are set to take part in a drone monitoring campaign and inter-comparison exercise that will deliver surface reflectance data to support the validation of Earth observation products.

  • News - Success Stories

    News - Success Stories

    Satellite data boost global understanding of land surface

    Understanding our changing land surface is essential in the study of climate change. Satellites are used to monitor changes to the material that covers Earth’s surface, so-called land cover, such as vegetation and water.

  • Document - Newsletter

    Document - Newsletter


    This is the 11th issue of the Earth Online Newsletter for 2021, containing selected features from recent news.

  • News - Success Stories

    News - Success Stories

    Ship trails in the Bay of Biscay observed using PROBA-V imagery

    Ship trails have been perceived as convincing evidence of aerosol-cloud interaction. Ship emissions have been proven to contribute by about 1.9% and 2.9% to the increase in the global total and fine-mode aerosol optical thickness (AOT) respectively over a five year period (Peters et al. 20212).

  • News - Success Stories

    News - Success Stories

    Long-live PROBA-V

    After eight years in space, the PROBA-V satellite ended its vegetation mission last 31 October, having gone well beyond expectations for global vegetation monitoring.

  • News - General News

    News - General News

    PROBA-V, ready to close its green eyes

    While the operational lifetime of the global PROBA-V mission already ended on 30 June 2020 after more than 7 years in orbit, its vegetation instrument remained capturing the European and African land mass in experimental mode ever since.

  • Event - Conference, Sessions

    Event - Conference, Sessions

    Living Planet Symposium 2022

    ESA’s Living Planet Symposium is the biggest Earth observation conference in the world. Join us in Bonn, Germany, for the next symposium.

  • Activity - General activities

    Activity - General activities

    GSCB and LTDP

    The Copernicus programme is based on a fleet of European Earth observation satellites, built and operated by ESA, member states and commercial entities. Copernicus will also offer data from non-European satellites.

  • News - Success Stories

    News - Success Stories

    1 km resolution aerosol optical thickness retrieved from PROBA-V

    The ESA SPAR@MEP project aims to deliver a long-term data record (LTDR) of aerosol optical properties and surface reflectance from SPOT-VGT and PROBA-V observations.

  • Document - Technical Note

    Document - Technical Note

    Outcome of the Proba-V Cloud Detection Round Robin Workshop

    This document provides the proceedings, recommendations and lessons learnt from the Proba-V Cloud Detection Round Robin Workshop, which was held in 2017

  • Document - Technical Note

    Document - Technical Note

    Proba-V Payload Data Ground Segment Status

    This presentation describes the status of the Proba-V Payload Data Ground Segment in 2017

  • News - Operational News

    News - Operational News

    New experimental phase for PROBA-V

    PROBA-V has begun a new experimental phase that will continue through to October 2021.

  • Tools - Other, Visualisation

    Tools - Other, Visualisation

    EVDC Orbit Prediction Tool

    The EVDC Orbit Prediction and Overpass Tool generates and visualises satellite's overpasses.

  • Event - Meeting

    Event - Meeting

    PROBA-V QWG meeting 10

    The 10th PROBA-V Quality Working Group (QWG) meeting took place in Antwerp, Belgium on 23 and 24 October 2019.

  • News - General News

    News - General News

    Special PROBA-V microsite

    See some of the accomplishments of the PROBA-V mission in a special microsite developed by VITO.

  • News - General News

    News - General News

    Did you know? New Proba-V infographic

    ESA's vegetation-monitoring mission - Proba-V - will end operations in June 2020 after seven years.

  • Data - Data Description

    Data - Data Description

    Proba-V 1Km, 333m, and 100m products

    The Proba-V VEGETATION Raw products and Synthesis products ensure coverage of all significant landmasses worldwide with, in the case of a 10-day...

  • Mission - Earth Watch

    Mission - Earth Watch


    The PROBA-V mission provides multispectral images to study the evolution of the vegetation cover on a daily and global basis.